Mastering Adwords

Google Adwords Advertising — SECRETS REVEALED

Search engine advertising, also referred to as “pay per click” advertising is the fastest growing promotional medium in the last 25 years and is now rivaling the development of TV advertising. Here are the facts behind this. Every day more and more consumers buy computers for their home. Every day more and more consumers get on the internet and learn how to use it. Every day more and more consumers upgrade their internet connection by subscribing to broadband (high speed) connectivity. Why broadband? Because it allows one to surf the net faster and because of this consumers are now using the internet to find things, buy things, and get information much more rapidly.

What is the best information “finding” tool on the internet? You guessed it–search engines.

Search engine advertising grew out of these series of developments. When a person goes on the internet to “find” information, or “find” a company that offers what product or service they want, the consumer has already made the DECISION TO BUY! They may be doing research to compare different companies, but nevertheless they have made that decision. Companies that advertise on the “right side” of the search page at Google, known as sponsored links, are putting themselves in the best position to attract the attention of those consumers who have already made the “buying decision”.


The way you win at search engine advertising is simple: Get yourself placed as high as possible on the right side. Get the most clicks possible. Pay the least possible for those clicks. Here is the secret of search engine advertising, at least at Google:

You don’t get ranked by paying more than the other guy. You get ranked by being SMARTER THAN THE OTHER GUY!!

How do you get smarter? You learn from people who USE search engine advertising all the time, who do it 24/7. You want to learn from experts who eat, sleep, and dream search engine advertising. Here is the good news. You have found those experts. Our company provides search engine advertising services to clients big and small. We have made a series of breakthroughs and discoveries that allow us to do the following for our clients: Get them ranked higher than their competitors. dramatically Increase their clicks. drastically lower the rate they pay per click (as much as 80%). And finally, dramatically improving the performance of your site so that all those clicks MEAN SOMETHING, namely, more sales and leads.

Companies that have achieved these results now have hot prospects pouring into their web sites.


We have taken all of this experience and placed this information into a three part series of multi-media training videos along with custom research and a marketing plan specifically made for YOUR SITE, that will give you all the knowledge you need to be your own SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING EXPERT! This can be combined with full service set up of your account if you wish.

The first set of training videos teaches you all about the acknowledged leader of the search engine world–Google. This training system, which focuses on the Google service known as Adwords, takes you through every part of the search engine playing field and does so in a simple, logical approach.

Narrated by Steve Blom, considered by many to be one of the foremost search engine experts in the United States , you are carefully guided through every facet of the Google Adwords search engine advertising service. Here are the descriptions of the videos built to make you a Google Adwords expert:


There is nothing like having a personal tutor take you to his computer and show you EXACTLY how to do it, step by step, so that you gain confidence and mastery of Google Adwords.

We found that written words just aren’t enough, it is important to show even people who have little computer experience exactly what to do.

Your Adwords basic training starts with the key secrets you need to know about how Google works, and how it is MUCH different than any other advertising program out there. These videos are for anyone, although they are designed to be simple so that even non-geeks will be able to get their hands dirty, navigate around in the Google interface and gain confidence in Adwords fast.

Here is a rundown of these exciting Videos:

Beginning Adwords Videos

Video 1- Introduction to Google Adwords:

Google Adwords can be intimidating, especially for people without a lot of experience with computers and online advertising.

This first introductory video is made to take the stress out of learning and show how basically simple it is. This video is easy enough that anyone can watch it and understand how adwords works, even people with little computer experience, so that you can gain the confidence you need to progress through the rest of the course.

Video 2- How to access the Pro center:

This video is your gateway to learning everything the pros do about adwords. We have set you up a “virtual training center” that gives you access to THE VERY SAME VIDEOS that Google uses to train adwords experts like our very staff!

This will give you over automatic access to over 30 extra videos, tests, and practical assignments direct from Google.

In their basic training, search engine professionals view these videos and then pass a two hour test from Google as part of getting certified. This is the official Google adwords party line, straight from them. Anyone having trouble with any of their basics or that needs more background about how to do something can view these additional videos to get more confidence and certainty in their Adwords results.

Why did we give you access to these and why should you watch our videos then? Because our videos are the “unofficial” underground training for advertisers that want to wring every bit they can from their advertising dollar. In the Google videos there is a little bias towards how to do Adwords the way Google wants you to (which includes paying more per click) and the way an Advertiser would want to do it (getting the cheapest clicks they can). So our videos are really the indispensible ones, but it helps to have as much information as possible at your disposal. So that is why we set this up for you.

Video 3- Getting around in Adwords:

-How to navigate like a pro fast

Adwords seems complicated the first time you log in, with lots of options. It would be nice to have a friend show you in a simple way how it is all set up. Well we are that friend. Look over our shoulder while we simplify how to get around in Adwords to be able to do what you want. We’ll have you whipping through Adwords like a veteran in no time.

Video 4- Starting a new campaign:

– The basics

What is the single thing that you can do when you start a new campaign that will lose you THOUSANDS of dollars? How do you avoid getting crushed before you even start?

Most advertisers end up with their accounts with poorly performing results just with this common mistake alone.

It all has to do with how Google sets up a default campaign, which are not all in your best interest.

This video includes the steps you should take to get around this problem and avoid wasting money, and keep yourself on track for maximum results. Learning this by trial and error cost us over a thousand dollars in experiments, and our learning curve is pretty fast. This video tells you the all important insider data you need to avoid

Video 5- How to set up your campaigns:

Google has many options and ways to organize all the keywords and ads you are going to put into their system. If you do it right, you are on track to getting your ads shown more and more, but if you do it wrong, you are about to waste all of your valuable time and money and get frustrated beyond belief. Almost every beginner (including us) does it wrong in the beginning, which slows your account and makes it almost impossible to get a decent number of clicks to your site, and sometimes results in total failure of the account, and the person quitting adwords for good.

There are 2 basic ways we have found of doing it correctly, no matter what you are advertising, and one thing you absolutely must do. This one key makes all the difference in your results. Without this data in this video alone literally thousands of advertisers have failed. Don’t let this happen to you. With correctly set up campaigns and ad groups you will be well on your way to trouncing your competition!

Video 6- Making reports

-Vital tools to show you where your account is at FAST

There is no reason to spend more time than you have to in managing your account and QUICKLY honing in on problem areas. Google has provided extensive ways to generate custom reports to help you do this, but very few advertisers know how to use them to DRAMATICALLY improve their ROI and improve the performance of your account. This video takes you step by step through how to create and USE the data from two of the most important reports, and shows you an analysis of a real live account, so you get the real “hands on” of what to do.

Advanced Adwords Tutorials:

Video 7 – Adding negative keywords:

-When NOT to show your ads and why

“Negative Keywords” are words you can specify that your ads should NOT be shown on, and are one of the most powerful tools that differentiates Google from other advertising programs.

Included on this CD is a text file of over 300 keywords that after hundreds of thousands of actual dollars spent, produce poor ROI consistently over many different products and services.

This list is a great starting point to doubling your ROI if you already have an existing Adwords account, and if you are starting new will help you start off right.

What are the strategies for when to use them and when not to? This video gives you the answer.

Video 8 – Finding keywords and bids with Overture:

-Using the competition to your advantage

Overture is another pay per click search engine in competition with Google, now called Yahoo search solutions, that has opened up the hood of their search engine in a way that Google still has not. How to do the beginning keyword identification process and to research the market has never been simpler when you use this tool correctly.

This video takes you step by step through the process of finding out in this search engine what your competitors are paying for any given keyword, and how many times a keyword gets searched each month. You can see how many clicks are available, and also get lots of interesting keyword ideas from this tool that you wouldn’t have thought of before. What are people really typing into the search engines? This video will give you a good insight.

Video 9 – Getting new and different keywords:

-How to think “out of the box”

This is probably the most important of the advanced adwords series. Every advertisor does at least some keyword research, and almost every advertisor uses Yahoo search solutions as described in the preceeding video.

There are hundreds of thousands of advertisors, competing against you. So, if hundreds of thousands of people are using the same tools like overture and wordtracker, how are you going to ever find any traffic bargains? Won’t you be just like everyone else? After all, Adwords consists of just keywords and ads really. So how do you beat all the other advertisers in your industry in these two areas?

In your printed materials you are going to learn how to write ads that destroy your competition, but how do you avoid bidding wars on obvious terms and dig deeper to get cheaper clicks with even more qualified prospects? What sources should you use? How do you do it?

We reveal in this video how to go way beyond the overture and wordtracker tools and what the average webmaster does to truly find the traffic bargains that are still out there.

There are a couple little known and little used tools that we have discovered that will help you immensely.

Be ahead of the curve of your competition. The genius of this particular video is in making it easy for people who aren’t super webmasters to do this. Preliminary reports are showing that this definitely does the job.

Video 10 – Daily account management:

-Maximizing your return

This video takes you step by step through the life of an adwords professional and shows you how to do the analyzing process on your account. Realtime business analysis is an extremely valuable skill, and if you hire someone it is worth its weight in gold but still very costly. We can’t tell you everything about how to analyze an online business, that would take volumes, but we can tell you the key things to look at, and get you well on your way.

When you log in, what should you do first?

How do you accomplish in 15 minutes what takes most professionals an hour or more?

How do you know that what you did was correct?

Most people know how to analyze by looking for poorly performing campaigns and keywords, but what about analyzing by what is doing well? We show you both ways in this video and how to use each.

This video takes you step by step through a real live account so you can see the process involved, and learn how to maximize your time and return with your adwords account. The only other way is with an expensive private consultation

Hitslink Videos

Your website will show you problems with your adwords account. How? read on!

Guess what? Adwords itself is only half the game! The other half is your website. How do you tell what is happening on your website? What are those people doing on your site that you paid Google for? To be successful you need to know how to analyze your website and really see what is happening.

Hitslink is a popular tracking software that we use and we show you step by step how to get rid of junky traffic, see how well your site is actually performing, and identify not just problem areas with your website, but problems with your adwords account as well.

Are you getting the wrong kind of people to your website? Are you a victim of click fraud? Is your adwords account actually set up correctly? What is the ROI? Is Adwords working for you?

Hitslink will tell you, if you know how to read it. We show you how.

Video 11, Hitslink1:

Pages and unique visitors:

-How to really tell how well your site is performing!

This video takes you through your first step into hitslink and shows you a whole new look at your website, including the key metrics to look at first.

Are people leaving your site right away, or are they staying and reading what you have to offer? How can you tell what you should change on your website? What should you see in every well performing website? What should you watch for to know when you need to change your adwords account right away? This video shows you all of those things, and makes it easy to learn as well.

Video 12-Hitslink2:

Search Terms:

-How to make sure you are getting quality visitors

Your adwords account shows you that some people saw your ad, and a certain number of them clicked on it. But what did they type in exactly? What were they searching for? Does your site really offer that, or are you just paying for freebie seekers? This video shows you how to drill down and find out if you are showing your ads where you shouldn’t be, and refine your targeting exactly so that you can have visitors that really are searching for what you have to offer. You will also find out a VERY costly mistake you could be making in your Google advertising, and how to fix it

Video 13-Hitslink3:

Top Referrers:

-Where your visitors are coming from

Which sites and search engines are your visitors coming from? Are they giving you truly interested people, or is it simply Click Fraud? This video shows you how to analyze WHERE your traffic is coming from, and what sites are sending you these visitors. This is a must if you are going to find out how to boost your sales, of see if a new campaign is working.

Video 14-Hitslink4:

Navigation Paths:

-The “magic looking glass” to see what your visitors are doing at your site

Now that you have some of your basics together, its time to take a real in depth look at your site. This is probably the most important tool that hitslink has, and we show you exactly how to use it to zero in to how well any page on your site is performing. You can take any page and see exactly how long people are staying at that page, which page they are going to after that, and drill down further to see exactly what percentage of the people visiting your site are “converting” for you into sales and sales leads, and what pages people are leaving almost immediately from. How good is your site? This video shows you how to use this hitslink tool to get to the real truth.

Video 15-Hitslink5:

Latest visitors

Get a real time look at the visitors on your site. This video shows you how to look at the most recent visitors to your site to get a near realtime view of how recent changes you may have made to your adwords account are affecting your results. Learn how to look in depth at one of your recent visitors, see what search terms they typed in, what page they went to, and even their browser and operating system on their computer!

Video 16-Hitslink6:

Additional Hitslink Data:

– How to set up tracking on your site, and additional tips and tricks

This video shows you how to set up tracking on your site for you or your webmaster, as well as some other tips, tricks, and additional tools you can use with hitslink.

Together this video series and program makes the most comprehensive Adwords education available anywhere on the internet. We know. We searched ourselves, and all those courses you see advertised, we bought them all!. We used what worked, and threw away what didn’t, after spending many many thousands of dollars ourselves. Nothing in this course is theoretical. It has been tested and is in use every day. This is why we are called upon by advertising agencies and others to get them out of trouble. Together, these videos and accompanying workbook comprise the most comprehensive course about Adwords anywhere. You will get all the important data you need to be successful, and you will save yourself endless hours of anguish and failure. We know. We were in your shoes once.

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