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How fast can files be distributed over the internet?

I was just curious, once I put up a file to be shared on the internet, how fast can it get shared and on average how many people can access it if the file is encouraged to be shared and doesn’t break any copyright law? For instance, if I wanted to put an MP3 of […]

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Is it possible to trademark a single word?

I am trying to run a PPC campaign and I’m stumbling on one big problem, there are few words in different campaigns that I’m trying to use, but I always get "disapproved" messaged and the reason "the term is trademarked". How is it possible to trademark a single word, the one that everyone knows and […]

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I have a website and right now I can’t really afford to start an ppc campaign?

could I use Goggles ad word tool just for plain organic seo keyword research? One thing I don’t understand about adword is if you are bidding for keywords and for example I bid 0.50 for a keyword and someone else offers a $1.00 that means that person wins the word and I could not use […]

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How can I generate enough visitors from Googld adwords?

I have set up an account of adwords for a year, but I still can’t generate enough visitors to my website. The number of clicks through adwords is about 100 per month. I want to generate as many as monthly 10,000 clicks through adwords, but I don’t know how to do it. Do you know […]

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Is domain name relevant?

I would like to create a website in a niche market for adsense. Keyword research has shown several highly searched terms (13k per month which I halved from Google results ). These keywords are available as domain names. The results show plenty of PPC ads.They are two word specific names. Is it worthwhile purchasing them […]

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