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Problems with pop-ups on Words With Friends iPad 2 app?

When I play Words With Friends it is normal to have a pop-up ad after you take each turn and you just hit continue after 5 seconds, but just recently when playing on my iPad 2 there is another pop up that just pops up randomly and covers up the whole screen and I have […]

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How much should i charge for an ad or feature on my site?

We have a website that gets about 1.6 M unique visitors a year. We are starting a program where we will let one of our 3rd party product experts to be featured on the site on the home page and a dedicated landing page. I have been asked to come up with a ‘value of […]

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Is there any program out there that can copy this song and eliminate the words? I am going to ad it to play on my web site when ever someone goes on my site that I will make. I want this song to play but only the music part not the words the person is singing. I would use Audacity, you can do practiclly any editing to a song […]

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What are the most important computer programs for a job?

I have used excel and word over and over again in my college career. However, I do not think I am "proficient" as almost all job ads say is required. So, as I brush up on those, are there any other programs I should learn besides those that are crucial in the job field? Those […]

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Virus Program WILL NOT uninstall PLEASE help?

I somehow ended up downloading ‘Play Bryte’ made by ‘iBryte’ It added adwear to every website I go to, it underlines a certain word twice and then adds alittle ad to it I uninstalled it from the add and remove thing, I thought I was safe, ads still haven’t gone away. I went through my […]

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