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AD/HD- Has anyone ever experienced this or know what I am talking about?

I am currently a Junior in High School and am in the IB Program. At the beginning of this school year I was taken off of half (one of my 2 prescriptions) my medication for some reason and struggled I like crazy for about a month and a half to two months and I am […]

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I need DQ pictures for ad campaign?

I am a student in the advertising program at humber college in Ontario college. I have recently been assigned to create an ad campaing for dairy queen and need some real pictures to use in pretend ads. I am looking for pictures of people either at Dairy Queens or enjoying their products while smiling or […]

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C++ Program can anyone help me?

Hi…My teacher assigned me this and i did most of the stuff wht it says but i don’t know the part where i have to run program multiple times…the description is below…i did the program below. Write a C++ program that generates a random number between 0 and 49 and then uses a for loop […]

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Identifying Propaganda Devices in an Ad? The think above shows an ad for colgate sensitive pro-relief toothpaste that I am suppossed to analyze and identify propaganda devices. Then I’m supossed to write a 500 word essay on it. I just want to make sure that there isn’t anything I’ve missed before I start working on the essay. PROPAGANDA DEVICES (These […]

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How do I increase traffic to my website? What are your revenues online and in affiliate programs per month?

I would like suggestions and comments on how to improve my website and what not. What are some techniques some of you people found successful and what features are most appealing on websites? I am thinking of including a chart room, does anyone know of where I could learn HTML coding for such an element? […]

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