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Google Adwords has become almost unrecognizable

For anyone who used google adwords in 2003-5 or even earlier, if you log in today you will barely recognize it. Not only is the interface completely redone, but there are more bells and whistles than ever before. So many settings, it is an incredibly complicated swiss army knife. That is, if you use the […]

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anyone know how to do pay per impressions on google ad words?

anyone know how to do pay per impressions on google ad words? I am running campaigns with ppc pay per click and now want to try impressions but when i start a new campaign it says start with key words and also says start with targeted location (where is the pay per impressions?) Have you […]

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How do you earn money using ad-words?

I heard you can earn money using google adwords but how and is there any other types of adwords sites With adWords you cannot earn money — instead you are spending money because you are paying Google to place your ads. I think you are referring to adSense

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How effective is google ad words?

How effective is it? Does it work? How much traffic can I get and for what price? it depend on your luck 🙂 and your skill, some peoples already using theirs services, of course some peoples having a success and make a lot of money by using Google Adwords but unfortunately not all of them, […]

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How to get rid of ad links in words?

Links to ad pages embed themselves into text on any page I visit, and it turns the text’s color orange. They’re not too awfully common, there’s only one or two every page. But it’s still annoying. I think it came from a download I made. How to get rid of them? I use IE. I […]

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