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Opinion on what ad-words to use?

Hi, id like some help/opinions on what ad-words to use for my website thanks Hi Ryan Find out who is the most successful person in your niche who is making the most money. If they have a website then there are 2 things you need to do 1 go to a site called […]

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What is a example of a loaded words ad?

I really need this please i cant think of any thing that has loaded words. ANY political ad. The candidate they’re pushing is described in glowing terms that mean NOTHING — after all, ‘pro-family’ — who’s AGAINST families? Who’s against a "STRONG AMERICA?" But what makes a country strong — is it strong if people […]

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how to transfer money from icici current account to google ad words account not from the saving account ?

I need answers how we can transfer money through net banking in Google ad words accounts using current account as there is no option in payment gateway to login through current account Hi, Please email us your current account no and contact details to & we’ll get back to you soon.Please refer "1089940" in […]

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what is the difference between Google ad words and Ad sense?

please anyone help to know about that details briefly. Siva, Google AdWords—Program advertisers pay for to display their ads on both Google search results and 3rd-party websites enrolled in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense—Program from which 3rd-party websites earn money for displaying on their pages ads from Google AdWords advertisers. —Pascal Perry Online Findability […]

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what are the steps in creating a ppc affiliate account using ad words?

I guess my question is what are the steps 1, 2, 3, etc. on how to find a niche, ( I get how to create the ad word campaign for the affiliate) and then I guess how do you get money with these when you have to spend money? Please help the confused one, Thanks […]

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