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If you are renting and looking for a home to buy what words would attract you to click an Ad?

I’m a real estate agent marketing to renters. I love working with people who value the pride of homeownership. I market to potential clients online and wanted to know from other renters what words or as its called in advertising "tagline" would make you want to know more? I’ve tried "Stop renting and own your […]

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Advice in marketing my web business?

I have a website that I am looking promote and increase traffic to. I have seen many different services out there that sell traffic In addition to ad-words and bing do these sites work? Thanks in advance I have not seen those companies mentioned among the Internet Marketing community. On the dark […]

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how do I determine what is the conversion rate of pay per click campaign i am running on facebook?

Hello, i have an internet website and want to create a marketing campaign on facebook ads and google ad words to attract people to my site and register. to calculate the return on my investment; how do I determine what is the conversion rate (what % of people clicking on the ad will actually register […]

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Can I be a designated driver without a taxi permit?

If I run a nonprofit designated driver service with my personal vehicle, am I required to procure a taxi permit? Donations would not be compulsory. There would be no taximeter. There would be no list of "suggested donations" or any other indication that the person might be required to pay. The magnetic door signs and […]

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What online marketing components does businesses usually use?

How do new customers find you? [choose all that apply] ○ Internet Ads ○ Print Ads ○ Search Engines ○ Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, etc. ) ○ Storefront ○ Word-Of-Mouth ○ Yellow Pages ( book ) ○ Others : _____________________________ What are the top three ways that work? ○ Direct Mail ( print ) […]

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