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Google Adwords has become almost unrecognizable

For anyone who used google adwords in 2003-5 or even earlier, if you log in today you will barely recognize it. Not only is the interface completely redone, but there are more bells and whistles than ever before. So many settings, it is an incredibly complicated swiss army knife. That is, if you use the […]

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Hi, I’m trying to source a product that I can advertise on a website and make some money over Xmas. We have tried a few things so far and failed mainly due to high competition. We tried again with some hats that were low competitiveness and got a 1st place spot on google, great we […]

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I have some serious lag and double underlined words?

I use Google Chrome as my browser, and starting a couple of days ago, it started to lag really bad and random words would be underlined, indicating an ad. The lag I’m encountering is pages taking longer to load than usual and any flash utility stuttering with the graphical output, but in things like videos, […]

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Problems with pop-ups on Words With Friends iPad 2 app?

When I play Words With Friends it is normal to have a pop-up ad after you take each turn and you just hit continue after 5 seconds, but just recently when playing on my iPad 2 there is another pop up that just pops up randomly and covers up the whole screen and I have […]

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How fast can files be distributed over the internet?

I was just curious, once I put up a file to be shared on the internet, how fast can it get shared and on average how many people can access it if the file is encouraged to be shared and doesn’t break any copyright law? For instance, if I wanted to put an MP3 of […]

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