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how do you get a typing job?

I’m 13 years old and I’m looking for a little cash. I was thinking about my options, and since I can’t work legally I thought I should try and do something I’m good at. I can type roughly 115 correct words a minute. Where would I advertise this service, and how would I set up […]

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Help promoting my youtube video?

I’m begining to do beauty tutorial videos for past few days (not really profesional, just doing for it fun). (Using google ad words) I’m not geting much viewers.My budet is $0.25 (it use to be $10.00). So far the cost is $21.86 & the cpv is $0.81. Could someone could explain how does promoting works? […]

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how much do people pay for google ad words?

That’s kinda depends on country to country basis. But for the exact information I think you have to ask adwords. Look on the site for information like that or call the customer care line. Or you can setup a campaign & find out how much it costs you. You can get free coupons while setting […]

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Google ad words Question?

What is a good cost to pay for CPM impressions on GOOGLE AD words for content network? Difficult question. With Adwords, you have to keep checking and editing your settings. To start, I would estimate what your profit is for every person that makes a purchase/conversion. Then estimate how much you can afford to spend […]

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How much should i charge for an ad or feature on my site?

We have a website that gets about 1.6 M unique visitors a year. We are starting a program where we will let one of our 3rd party product experts to be featured on the site on the home page and a dedicated landing page. I have been asked to come up with a ‘value of […]

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