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Is it possible to trademark a single word?

I am trying to run a PPC campaign and I’m stumbling on one big problem, there are few words in different campaigns that I’m trying to use, but I always get "disapproved" messaged and the reason "the term is trademarked". How is it possible to trademark a single word, the one that everyone knows and […]

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Canada Money Order/Scotiabank over classifieds ad: Possible International FRAUD or SCAM from Canadian citizen?

Hello I am a US citizen. I listed an item on eBay Classifieds (like Craigslist, but a little more pretty to look at). The item is rather pricey, and it’s over $200. I have had the item up for sale for a very long time. A few days ago, I was contacted by email (as […]

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If you are renting and looking for a home to buy what words would attract you to click an Ad?

I’m a real estate agent marketing to renters. I love working with people who value the pride of homeownership. I market to potential clients online and wanted to know from other renters what words or as its called in advertising "tagline" would make you want to know more? I’ve tried "Stop renting and own your […]

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Can you help me figure out the URL to this web site?

I was watching TV and saw an ad about filling out surveys for stores and companies and receiving cash rewards and merchandise etc. I was wondering if you could help me find it or knew what the website is. I know it’s got the word Bonus in it. Thanks!

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