To apply for Steve’s coaching its pretty simple.

1) You must have a real business that you want to promote.

2) That business must be rated “G”

3) No mlm’s , affiliate marketing, bizop, or other fly by night businesses.

4) You must have an idea that you think is positive for the world that you want to get online. If you want to have an adwords consultant business or even your own adwords agency with us as a white label back end from time to time, fine.

5) If you are the webmaster for your company and responsible for all the promotion including website updates, etc, and just want to get a handle on Ad Words, no problem.

If you think you qualify by the points above, then call us at:

(800) 920-1985

We’re not going to spend a lot of time inflating bogus claims of scarcity. We have people calling us all the time, but we only help people that we honestly think we can help. If we can’t take you on we’ll at least give you some resources we think would be helpful to you or tell you where you can get them, so you have nothing to lose.

Call us now. (800) 920-1985