Getting Good Results With Google Ad Words

Getting Good Results With Google Ad Words

Google AdWords are a function intended to give you the ability to manually add keywords to your web page. This would let web masters add keywords to the website without having to manually enter in tons of text to webpage hypertext or to turn the website into a web spam, filled with tons of words.

Google Ad Words is a service that you pay for. Their search engine supposedly gives preferential ranking, or at least higher ranking, for those websites that have Google AdWords. That is the theory behind paying for this service. Yet Google admits that adding Google Ad Words is not a guarantee that you will get more hits. Their website specifically gives this warning on the sign up page, whether you are seeking local distribution or national distribution of your Google AdWords service, text based or image based advertisements. Making Google Ad Words actually generate more traffic and even more customers is a secret that Google has yet to share with its customers.

“The Affiliate Conspiracy” by Eric Rockefeller explains how to make Google AdWords generate the hits, user traffic, and sales that Google promises their service can create for your website and business. Don’t pay for this Pay Per Click advertising without knowing how to get the most out of what you’re paying for. Get Adwords training through “The Affiliate Conspiracy” by Eric Rockefeller, and make your website make money for you.

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