How Adwords Works

How we developed the solution to learning to be successful in Adwords:

We started advertising with Google and had lots of success with it. The first $300 we spent in advertising yielded $8000 in profit for us. But we soon found our results were far from typical. We were fortunate to have two veteran direct marketers who write excellent ads on our staff, and that alone saved us from the pitfalls that plague most advertisors at Google. We did start making big mistakes as we attempted to master other industries however, and after Google made some changes to the Adwords program that really threw us off, we then went on an all out quest to gather every scrap of information that existed, paid or not, about Adwords. Every other site you have visited about Adwords, chances are that we purchased the ebook, course, mailing list, etc.

Google has provided over 40 videos to search engine professionals, with a test you must pass, but even this was not enough to routinely have success every time, because it is still designed more from Google’s point of view than what is really best for an advertisor. This is like GM telling you how to buy one of their cars- how do you know what is really in your best interest?

Reading and learning from every “Guru” available in addition to the earlier training soon brought us to the universal invariable laws that work every time, and also enabled us to adapt very rapidly when changes come about, as they inevitably do.

We then we had to meet the challenges involved in making experts out of people on our own staff, in short order, who were capable of managing Google campaigns and being successful at it for our company and various sites that we own.

We started a pay per click division in our company to manage the campaigns and traffic of others at the same time, and soon found several companies that asked us to manage their accounts, and our pay per click division grew.

We still manage many accounts, but in some cases companies would prefer to just manage their accounts themselves.

For individual entrepreneurs, this is a necessity.

Most medium sized companies would do well to learn how the system works and manage Google advertising for it “in house”.

In some cases we have seen companies “outsourcing” their Google Adwords campaigns to advertising agencies who actually know very little about how Adwords works themselves.

We know this because we actually actually do the back end Google accounts management for many of those agencies, and have sometimes been called in to “fix” problem accounts before they get in trouble for others!

We will continue to do this for medium and larger companies, but you came to this page because you were looking for the answer to how Google Works, and possibly what is happening with some of the recent changes at Google.

Maybe you want to train yourself or your staff exactly how to do it right, and save yourself thousands of advertising dollars in the process.

Our training videos and workbook are the answer. There is nothing like a person telling you and showing you EXACTLY how it is done, step by step, with screen capture technology.

None of the information is theoretical. We use it every day. Our Adwords Mastery course consists of 15 different videos and an accompanying workbook, that teaches every aspect of not just being successful at Google Adwords, but how to take that website traffic and convert it to actual SALES on your website.