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Frankly we only want you to join if you can fulfill the below two prerequesites:

1) You must have some sort of REAL business that is actually making you money each and every week. Its ok if that is an offline business  that you want to take online or generate leads for.

2) No MLM’ers or similar crowd are accepted. Most of these guys don’t understand what it takes to put a real business together and want something for nothing. All of our members actually run successful real businesses and we want to keep it that way.

3) People New to adwords are accepted but be aware that the content is advanced and you will have to catch up really quickly. We have a special manual that will get you up to speed faster than many other methods, but it will take a little study and work on your part.

4) We only accept members that work exclusively on rated G stuff.  No porn, gambling, bizop, or pharma guys need apply.

The group is limited to only 15 members at any given time. You can click here to check if a spot is available or to be put on the waiting list.

Here are some of the recent topics we discussed:

  • Advanced techniques for the Google and Yahoo content networks
  • The results of an arbitrage test with several second tier search engines
  • Tests one of our members did to see which factors on a site affected the adwords quality score on a global basis, and which factors could improve it most for one keyword.
  • Another advanced content network test using the ad scheduling feature, to see if showing the ads at certain times had a positive effect on ROI