This is the basic list of Adwords resources every adwords advertiser should have. Special advanced resources are for members only, which you get when you join by clicking here

The basics:

Before you start with adwords, take advantage of the over 50 videos of free content that the pros use to get certified. Whether you want to get certified or not, they are a great source to get a feel for the system, learn Googles point of view of what ROI is all about, and they cover a wide spectrum of issues. Frankly just these free videos will take you further than almost any “Guru” course out there, and for some strange reason most of the real Gurus aren’t even certified….

Anyway, here it is, now as a publicly accessable link

If this link ever doesn’t work, most of the time you can just do a google search for “adwords learning center” and find it.  Here’s the link to click on for that—

If you are serious and want to get certified, there is a test you take where you pay 50 bucks. Passing that test and managing a certain amount of Adwords is all you need to be on your way to being an adwords certified professional and being to accept clients. Its a great way to get paid for learning more about internet marketing and might make you have a marketing company in your own right. But no matter what your aspirations, the learning center above is a great resource, because its always great to see what the creaters of the system have to say.  Later on you can learn to break the rules, but its good to know the basics of what the rules are. Ok, enough said about that.

For all the next resources, you need to have an adwords account which you can get by going to

If you actually activate your account with a credit card, it costs 5 bucks. Small price to pay, believe me. Once you have an adwords account you can access some of these other resources.

Free resource number 2

The second free resource at this point which is probably the best but still not known about to the degree it should be is Adwords Editor. Adwords editor is free software that you can use to edit your adwords account, but for power users it is much much more. You can find Adwords Editor here.

by using the above software not just as a tool for creating new campaigns but for account analysis you can get stuff done in a fraction of the time that it took for us guys that started in 2002. Advanced technigues and videos are available to members, but a smart person can get a lot of mileage out of watching the Google training videos and downloading this software.

Free Favorite Resource number 3 – the google keyword tool

This is the same keyword tool that is within every adwords account, but Google made if freely available on the web at

Here you can see which keywords have what keywords related to them and get a feel for what people are searching for, and also see how many times certain keywords get searched. This tool keeps changing and some of the latest versions have pretty accurate search volumes built in as well.

If you are new to this you can also take this tool and point it at your website, and it will generate a list for you of what google thinks your site is about. If you are logged into adwords you can make one click and add the new keywords right into your account which is pretty neat. I use this tool sometimes also to point google to a page of mine, and see what google thinks it is about, and if the tool doesn’t come up with what I wanted I then change the page until it does. Very useful especially for adsense publishers.

This just barely scratches the surface, and there are many other advanced tools our members have access to, but if you are new to adwords, just the above links can keep you busy for a couple weeks, and the education is better than the vast majority of stuff out there.

To get access to the industrial strength tools for the elite adwords user, join our adwords club now.

Good luck, and let us know how you do 🙂